Why Glass?

Glass is an amazing material, it is transparent, Dustproof and Waterproof, Color availability, Recyclable, UV stable, Weather and Rust resistant, Easily molded, Insulator of Electricity, Sustainable Material, Visible Transmittance, etc. Glass is one of the major product used worldwide the best part is that it is 100% recyclable. According to the study of GPI, a glass container can go from a recycling bin onto a shelf in less than 30 days and an estimated 80% of recovered glass containers are made into new glass products. How wonderful, isn’t it! Glass is mostly preferred in food and beverages packing, handicrafts, Artifacts, lighting, furniture, etc.

Using glass in food and beverages packing will help the customer to stay away from potential risks that come with consuming food products from containers that leach chemicals. Using Glass in handicraft makes the product looks elegant and classy. Glass is mostly used to make Artifacts as the glass can be molded into any shape and size, a skilled glass artist can easily make artifacts that can be adored throughout the world.  Unlike any other material, glass can transmit, absorb or refract light. As a result, it can be both translucent and transparent. Such characteristics add extraordinary beauty to the lights. Glass can transmit 80% of daylight in all directions. It can do so without any weathering, clouding or yellowing, hence glass has become the most suitable material for lighting industry.

We at MG supply glass products that are made from 100% natural and sustainable raw materials, and products that can be recycled completely. Using glass is not just eco-friendly but it also helps in reducing additional waste, which is an ideal benefit of all product packaging and other industries since recycling is becoming an even bigger topic and action for many industries.

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Why Glass?
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